Graz, the nowadays fastest growing metropolitan in Austria is facing the challenge of urban densification.


Mühlgang, the current hidden and abandoned stream, built back then for the mill infrastructure, is eager to revive to be a lively element in the city again.


Citypark, the traditional mall agglomeration with huge parking garages from the automobile era is aspired to reinvent itself to stay tuned in the new mobility era.


Nestled in the central spot where these three forces intertwine, the site needs to mediate between densifying, old infrastructure, and the challenge from future mode of trading.

“From Citypark to City Park”, the proposal reimagines the site from an isolated parcel for car and parking, to a connected park for mixed-use, greenery and meandering. It pushes the hidden Mühlgang to the frontline with porous accessibility to generate new moves and activities. It connects the mall with the stream and the city to revive the charm of offline shopping through new landscape and experience. It creates a mixed-use pedestrian district with abundent living infrastructures to improve densifying quality.


City Park, a rich common ground recalling the slow mode of life, synergizing the pulse of true living.



Europan 16_Graz(AT)



Shiqing Liu, Kai Fu Chung, Yang Liu, Yan Lu