As the origin of light, the lighthouse guides the direction for the travelling sailors at night. As the origin of warmth, home gives strength.

Located on Fuxiang Lake, the site is surrounded by public community buildings. As the ending object on the central axis, the lighthouse lights up the whole central axis while illuminating the lake shore.

The proposal transforms the lighthouse in a metaphoric way, where the light exudes from the slim meeting point, and spreads out from four linear directions, like the origin point in the XY coordinates.

With the FRP material, during the day, the surface reflects the surrounding environment of the Lake, integrating itself into the changing seasons and interacting with residents and visitors. At night, when lit up, it is the origin of light and the direction of warm home. 



ABBS Hawin Light Tower Competition

_2nd Prize



Kai Fu Chung, Shiqing Liu, Yang Liu