Between City and Port



Though rich in history, Thessaloniki has suffered from the problem of high population density, crowded housing blocks and lacking public spaces for decades. Aiming to become a new Cosmopolitan, Thessaloniki should address the conservation of its historic sites, meanwhile, upgrades urban spaces through the enrichment of services provided, infrastructure improvement and new fields of business opportunities.

The port of Thessaloniki constitutes a natural maritime gateway for the trade activities of the Balkan Peninsula and the broader area. Its advantageous strategic position is further strengthened by the fact that the Port of Thessaloniki is directly connected to Trans-European and regional transport networks. However, in order to maintain this position and increase its market share, it has to address current needs as to achieve optimal operational performance levels, in terms of expansion of infrastructures, modernisation of equipment and improvement of access systems.

Located directly in between City Thessaloniki and the port, our project aims at creating a new urban typology of CBD, which would enhance the Synergy Effect between City and Port and benefi t both of them as a win- win proposal.



A Green Dam for all



Our proposal develops an extensive green roof closely connected to Metropolitan park, where the old railway station was located, through a green space system.
The new roof park together with sports and leisure facilities serve as a dynamic public space for local residents, citizens and tourists to breeze through at their leisure. Underneath this common green roof, Port Service Programs would be provided towards the port, and reactivated urban areas such as retails, cultural spaces and co-working areas would appear towards the city.

The multi-story green dam not only delineates the boundary between city and port, but also provides spaces that meet the diverse needs from both city and port. Meanwhile, the rich planted roof helps solve the pollution and noise issue from the port and provides a perfect viewing deck towads the port and the sea.



Four Courtyards, Four Characters



Closely connected by the 26th October Street, the four courtyards around the historical buildings open towards the city and invite people to experience the diverse, attractive urban events and activities. Each of them has a specific identity, according to their specifi c locations and the adjacent listed preserved buildings, such as Tourist Center, Music & Theater Yard, Multicultural Center & Market Hall and Co-Working & Start-Ups.The PORT`CITY proposal is expected to open up the traditional introverted CBD area and create a place for all.



Flexible High-Rise Buildings



The high-rise tower clusters on the green Roof build up the new, green skylight in the city, which can be visible from all directions. The sightseeing platform in the tower give the best opportunity for the visitors to explore the beauty of the port and Thessaloniki.

Those towers are developed with a flexible floorplan, which enables them to be adapted into office uses or residential uses easily.



Phasing & Co-Financing


The developing process could be divided into different phases, and fi nancially supported by different investors.


The first Phase: redevelopment of listed preserved historic buildings, together with the clustered small blocks
Investor: City Thessaloniki + private investor

The second Phase: development of the green Dam
Investor: City Thessaloniki + Port

The third Phase: development of high rise buildings
Investor: Private developer




Arxellence 2: Redefine the West Waterfront of Thessaloniki Competition




Shiqing Liu, Xi Wu, Nan Liu, Yan Lu