Girls’ desire for buying is endless, and the tight urban living space has squeezed the storage for small items. They are homeless and everywhere until you turn the “spinning boxes”: just with a turn, the buzzy life becomes easy and tidy.


The proposal rethinks the traditional cabinet, in which the front-door and back-space model is more suitable for the storage of larger items. By flipping the positions of doors and cabinets, and cutting them into multiple sections, temporary decks for small items are created, providing convenience for trivial items display and comparisons. The mirror as the back door furthermore makes it easier to compare and select, helping girls look good.


The modular units allow for personalized combinations in number and type, flexibly adapting to users needs for different types of items. No matter hats or bag lovers, all their babies will find the perfect home.


Lightweight aluminium material gives the product a simple, cool and elegant look. Instead of leather from animals, the more environmentally friendly polyurethane lining with Corbusier colours, makes its heart warm and active. The modular bracket system supports assembling and disassembling, encourages users to flexibly adjust the number of boxes and enjoy the pleasure of manual assembly at home.


The spinning boxes can be hung on walls and corners plus used independently in space. Besides the storage function, it works as a cool spatial sculpture as well.



Young Bird Plan_Raumplus Space Plus Make Life Exciting Accessories Organization Product Design Competition

_1st Prize



Shiqing Liu, Yang Liu